1951 Manhattan Phone Book: Aggieville Listings

Here is some good old historic data from the files of Aggieville Archives.

Copy of 1951 Manhattan Phone Book cover0001

business number street
St. Mary Hospital 501 N 11th

Brumm Gold Medal Bakery 610 N 12th
Manhattan Paint Co 612 N 12th

Hofsess Walter W. RL Est. & Ins. 615 N 12th
Chiroprator Coursen, J.D. 616 N 12th
Tress’ Beauty Bar 618 N 12th
Shamrock Tavern 619 N 12th
Riley Co Prodution & Mkt Admin 620 N 12th
US Dept. of Agric. Soil Con Serv 620 N 12th
Murphy’s Bar 712 N 12th
Stickel & Newell Cleaners 714 N 12th

Romig’s Service Station 601 N Manhattan Ave.
R. G. Schoonhoven-Physician 610 N Manhattan Ave.
Fair Plumbing Co 610.5 N Manhattan Ave.
NU Style Beauty Shop 615A N Manhattan Ave.
Jewler Reed & Elliott 615B N Manhattan Ave.
Patrick’s Café 615C N Manhattan Ave.
Campus Theatre 615D N Manhattan Ave.
Duckwall AL Stores Co 619 N Manhattan Ave.
College Book Store 623 N Manhattan Ave.

Campus Book Store 700 N Manhattan Ave.
Manhattan Business Supply 700 N Manhattan Ave.
Bony’s Cleaners 706 N Manhattan Ave.
Mar Café 708 N Manhattan Ave.
Hole In One Recreation Club 710 N Manhattan Ave.
Jeweler Paul Dooley 714 N Manhattan Ave.
Wildcat’s Grill 716 N Manhattan Ave.
Manhattan Christian Book Store 716.5 N Manhattan Ave.
College Beauty Shop 718 N Manhattan Ave.
Nu Way Cleaners & Storage 722 N Manhattan Ave.

Dale Davis Linoleum Laying 1022 Moro
Fran Schneiders School of Dance 1100 Moro
Handy Corner 1100 Moro
Brennan Service Station 1101 Moro
Boyer Reality Co. (Real Estate) 1104.5 Moro
Sandwich Inn No. 2 1105 Moro
Wardrobe Cleaners 1109 Moro
General Accounting Field Audit Div Off 1111 Moro
The Tap Room 1112 Moro
Watson Transfer & Storage Co 1115 Moro
Singer Sewing Machine Co 1115 Moro
Beaty Eugene M, Dentist 1116 Moro
The Fountain 1119 Moro
Roberts Furniture Store 1120 Moro
Federal Crops Ins Corp. 1120 Moro
Production & Marketing Administration 1120 Moro
Agriculture Dept. of Farmers Home Admn 1121 Moro
Hill Linoleum & Rug Co 1123 Moro
Van’s Auto Shop 1125 Moro
Backman Cleaners 1126 Moro
Backman & Ballard Sport Gds 1127 Moro
Self Serv Launderette 1129 Moro
AV News Stand 1130 Moro
The National Cash Register Co. 1131 Moro

Studio Royal 1200 Moro
Aggieville Chef 1201 Moro
College Floral Co 1202 Moro
Pines Café 1203 Moro
Yeo & Trubey Elec Co. (Radio Service) 1204 Moro
Aggie Hardware & Elec Co 1205 Moro
Ideal Cleaners & Tailors 1206 Moro
Tribune News 1207 Moro
Bobart The Man’s Store 1210A Moro
Smart Shop 1210B Moro
Manhattan Sports Center 1212 Moro
Police Station 1215 Moro
Farrell Aggieville Service Station 1215 Moro
College Cleaners & Shoe Repair 1216 Moro
Campus Cleaners-H.H. Langford 1219 Moro
Aggieville Laundry 1219 Moro
E.L. Askren Optometric Specialist 1220 Moro
Cathryns Gifts 1222 Moro
Bottgers IGA Grocery 1223 Moro
Youngcamp Barney (Real Estate) 1224 Moro
Salisbury’s Appliance & Music Store 1225 Moro
Gillman Sweet Shop 1227 Moro
Zeigler’s Liquor Store 1229 Moro



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