The Varney’s Book Story Since 1890 Volume 1

Here is the story in pictures of the beginnings and development of Varney’s Book Store of Manhattan, Kansas.  The book is available for sale at Able Printing in Aggieville!

Varneys Book Story_22



2 thoughts on “The Varney’s Book Story Since 1890 Volume 1

  1. I worked at Varney’s in 1962 while attending K-State. I remember Mr. Varney going out the front door of the store, then sneaking in the side door to see how many seconds it took to be attended by a store clerk. If it took more than a few seconds, you were in BIG trouble. I would love to get this book about the store. The store is definitely a historical Aggieville landmark.

  2. Well folks, in doing research for another book I found that the Swingle and Varney Book Store actually opened in 1889, not 1890. Sorry about that!

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