Aggieville Business List: 1908

This is a partial list of businesses operating in the Aggieville area in 1908. The information comes from The Morning Chronicle newspaper dated December 16, 1923 and The History of the College Bookstore from the Bill Varney Family.

1.  Electric Shoe Shop, Walter Simpson and Roy Wilson

2.  Shafer Grocery and Meat Market, L.C. Shafer

3.  Narrow Gauge Cafe, C.F. Moore

4.  W.P. Barber’s Tailor Shop, W.P. Barber

5.  Harrison Grocery, John Harrison

6.  Students Co-Operative Association, Ray Pollom (Sr.)

7.  College Book Store, Joseph Guy Varney, Asbury Endacott, Mr. Van Ness

8.  a bakery which was started by students but closed by 1908

The photos below are taken from the 1906 Kansas State Agricultural College Banner yearbook and the 1907 KSAC student yearbook, courtesy of the Ted Varney Collection. (And don’t miss the ad for the new “fertilizer” spreader!)
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Aggieville Business List: 1904

There are two lists below.  The first list is partial list of businesses operating in the Aggieville area in 1904, taken from a city directory.  The second list records some of the individuals who were living in the area now occupied by Aggieville.

1.  Brown, Mrs. M.A., cleaning, pressing, etc., 1230 Bluemont

2.  Cooperative Book Store and Dining Hall, 1214 Moro

3.  Harrison, J.W., merchant, 1116 Moro

4.  Harrison, J.F., merchant, 1114 Moro

5.  Lyman, H., implement dealer, 1114 Moro

6.  Mitchell, Warren, rooming house, 1201 Bluemont

7.  McAlister, A.J.* , farmer, 1131 Bluemont

8.  Roming, Theo W., boarding house, 1110 Moro

9.  Hill, Mrs. V., boarding house, 710 Manhattan

10.  Paulsen, R., boarding house, 922 Manhattan

* A.J. McAlister came from Holland, father of Isabel Kuhlman, who was the mother of Bonnie Verbrugge, who was the mother of Kris Verbrugge, a KSU student in the 1980s.

1.  Barlow, Margaret, 1123 Bluemont

2.  Cree, O., teamster, 1100 Moro

3.  Cree, J.T., teamster, 1100 Moro

4.  Hood, David, retired, 1127 Bluemont

5.  Mitchel, Nellie, C., teacher, 1201 Bluemont

6.  Newton, B.F., pastor of the United Brethren Church, 1213 Bluemont

7.  Parks, J.B., retired farmer, 1126 Moro

8.  Pierson, Mrs. Minnie, 1214 Moro

9.  Alexander, J.M., carpenter, 616 Manhattan

10.  Alexander, Mamie, stenographer, 616 Manhattan

11.  Alexander, Ethel, teacher, 616 Manhattan

12.  Seeland, August, retired, 608 Manhattan

Aggieville Business List: 1900

Partial listing of businesses in the Aggieville area from the 1900 Manhattan City Directory

Copley, J.T., preacher, 10th & Moro

Hillyer, George B., cattleman, 10th & Moro

Moore, Henry, florist, corner of Manhattan & Laramie

Newton, Rev. B.F., minister, Bluemont between 10th & Manhattan

Willard, J.T. professor of chemistry KSAC, Moro between 10th & Manhattan

The pictures below are taken from a class book from the Kansas State Agricultural College Class of 1903, courtesy of Mary Gorman.  The student photos are amazingly clear, and the ties and blouses are very cool.  Hard to believe these students started college in 1899!