Aggieville Archives For Dummies

For now, Aggieville Archives is made up of the initial web page, , the facebook page, and the blog.


The thought occurred to me that I know many people that would enjoy seeing more of Aggieville history, but do not have access to the facebook part of Aggieville Archives. Just so you know, there are over 3,000 photos posted on the Aggieville Archives facebook page, along with short notes from me and comments from people around the country that spent some time in Aggieville. They can all be accessed free of charge – but you need to sign up for facebook.
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Aggieville Profile: Charles “Chuck” Elliott

Many of us are familiar with “Reed & Elliott’s Jewelry” in downtown Manhattan.

But perhaps not everyone is aware that the store started in Aggieville!

When the Miller Theatre was built in 1926, it included space for 3 storefront stores.

One of the stores was directly under the big marquee, and squarely in front of

cars coming up Moro Street from the east.  Ray Reed started his “Reed’s Time Shop”

in that prime location in 1938.    His wife was named Ella.  Ray had an ulcerated bone

in his leg that had to be removed as a boy, so he made use of an artificial limb.

Later in life, Chuck Elliott described Ray as, “a wonderful man, kind and thoughtful.”

Early 1940s Royal Purple photo of Ray Reed.

Early 1940s Royal Purple photo of Ray Reed.

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Classic Downtown Manhattan Painting

This picture was painted by Ralph Fontenot in 2008, and is owned

by Michael Motley, owner of The Cary Company in Manhattan.

Mike was graciously willing to allow me to share it with you all –

thanks Mike!!

Ralph Fontenot 2008 Poyntz Avenue in downtown Manhattan, Kansas

Ralph Fontenot
Poyntz Avenue in downtown Manhattan, Kansas

Drilling Deep & Flying High: The Early Years of Gene & Carol Hoerman


May I introduce you to Carol Harrell and Gene Hoerman,

St. George High School Class of 1951, and

two of the nicest people you could ever meet.  What follows on

this blog post is a rough draft of Chapter 1 of the book we are

putting together about their lives.  I’m posting it here for two

reasons.  First, I would appreciate any constructive feedback

you might have on what I’ve written so far.  Second, I would

like to generate some interest in the finished book.  It probably

won’t ever be on the New York Times Bestseller list, but we

hope it will add to the history records of the Hoerman family

and this part of our fair state.
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Kirk Hoke Aggieville Paintings


This gallery contains 4 photos.

Kirk Hoke is a life-long resident of Manhattan and amateur artist.  He allowed me to post these paintings he did of Aggieville businesses.  If you are interested in obtaining copies of the paintings, please contact him at  –  thanks, … Continue reading