Aggieville Profile: Charles “Chuck” Elliott

Many of us are familiar with “Reed & Elliott’s Jewelry” in downtown Manhattan.

But perhaps not everyone is aware that the store started in Aggieville!

When the Miller Theatre was built in 1926, it included space for 3 storefront stores.

One of the stores was directly under the big marquee, and squarely in front of

cars coming up Moro Street from the east.  Ray Reed started his “Reed’s Time Shop”

in that prime location in 1938.    His wife was named Ella.  Ray had an ulcerated bone

in his leg that had to be removed as a boy, so he made use of an artificial limb.

Later in life, Chuck Elliott described Ray as, “a wonderful man, kind and thoughtful.”

Early 1940s Royal Purple photo of Ray Reed.

Early 1940s Royal Purple photo of Ray Reed.

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Aggieville Business List: 1900

Partial listing of businesses in the Aggieville area from the 1900 Manhattan City Directory

Copley, J.T., preacher, 10th & Moro

Hillyer, George B., cattleman, 10th & Moro

Moore, Henry, florist, corner of Manhattan & Laramie

Newton, Rev. B.F., minister, Bluemont between 10th & Manhattan

Willard, J.T. professor of chemistry KSAC, Moro between 10th & Manhattan

The pictures below are taken from a class book from the Kansas State Agricultural College Class of 1903, courtesy of Mary Gorman.  The student photos are amazingly clear, and the ties and blouses are very cool.  Hard to believe these students started college in 1899!